Histogram Explorer

Histogram Explorer is a tool for understanding histograms and their statistics.

Basic Instructions

At the bottom of this screen is a button that says begin. After reading these instructions you will click that button to start the program. A Window will pop up with a histogram on the left and list of statistics on the right.
  1. Click the check box(es) of the statistics you are interested in.
  2. Now drag the bars of the histogram to see how it affects the statistics.
  3. From the Distributions menu (it's on the histogram window) choose a type of distribution.

Practice Guessing

This mode gives you a chance to guess the correct value for each statistic. Choose "Practice Guessing" from the Histogram Explorer's File menu. For each statistics selected a data entry box will appear. Two buttons will also appear at the bottom of the screen. After filling in a guess for each statistic click on the "Check Guesses" button. Answers will be shown for only the statistics you attempted to answer. Your guess and the answers will be erased each time the histogram is changed.

Bugs and Problems

If you want to host your own copy of Histogram Explorer, you can download it here (source is included).

Histogram Explorer was written by Eric Scheide, eric@ratrat.com and was based on work by Benjamin F. Baab, baab@usfca.edu.